Find a Radon Testing Company in Mentor, OH

Find a Radon Testing Company in Mentor, OH

Keep your family safe with a radon test from This Inspector LLC

Ohio sits on a foundation of uranium-containing granite. When that uranium breaks down, it can release dangerous radon gas. The only way to be sure your home is radon-free is to test for it. This Inspector LLC is certified to perform radon testing at properties in Mentor, OH and the surrounding area. We can perform the test in just 48 hours.

If we detect radon levels higher than four parts per million, we’ll recommend mitigation or a retest just to make sure. Contact us today to keep your family safe from harmful radon gas.

Radon facts

Elevated levels of radon gas can have detrimental effects on your health. Radon gas is:

  • The second leading cause of lung cancer.
  • Odorless, tasteless and colorless.
  • Present in elevated levels in one in five area homes.

You can trust our experts to detect radon gas in your home and recommend a course of action. Don’t risk the health of your family. Get in touch with us for a radon test today.